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Pelican Travel


Hi, we are Jerry & Mike Black and we have been working as tour guides in Europe since 2005. We offer our clients the opportunity to really immerse themselves in the Culture, History and Natural environment of their chosen destination.


From half and full day tours of the Srebarna Reserve, through two or three day breaks in Bulgaria and/or Romania up to our best selling one and two week tours of France, Greece, Malta, Sicily, Spain, Istanbul, Romania and Bulgaria we make sure that you will experience the best that is on offer.


Before opening Pelican Travel & Pelican Lake Guesthouse Environmental Project Centre we were fortunate enough to travel extensively. We feel these thirty years of experience, visiting all corners of Europe, The Americas, Africa, India, S.E. Asia and Australasia, staying in 100’s of hotels, guesthouses and B&B's, has been invaluable in helping us recognise and provide exactly what our clients require.


Jerry was a Bank and Retail Manager for many years specialising in training and development.


Mike worked as an outdoor events organiser and was also a Community Care Development Manager.


  "Mike and Jerry provide a wealth of            knowledge and activities" 

                 Lonely Planet


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