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Client Comments

"Mike and Jerry are surely the BEST organisers and guides you can ever find! Together with a group of birdwatcher Maltese friends, I visited Bulgaria for 11 days. Mike and Jerry took care of EVERYTHING we needed for our stay. They simply exceeded all my expectations. Very friendly but truly professional, thanks to their excellent selection of accommodation venues, and great planning, every day was simply superb. I hope I will be able to repeat such a great experience. If tripadvisor offered a six star rating, than I would have opted for it!"

Aron Tanti on Tripadvisor.

"Up to now I have travelled with Pelican Travel 3 times, twice to Bulgaria and this year to Romania.  The personalised service they offer when travelling with them is impeccable.  They are more than professional.  They gave the group a wonderful and unforgettable tour.  For sure, once you meet Jerry and Mike,  you will end up with two great new friends."

ceifa89 on

"Mike and Jerry provide a wealth of knowledge and activities" 

Lonely Planet 

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